To make a fine gentleman, several trades are required, but chiefly a barber.

(Oliver Goldsmith, Irish novelist 1728-74)

Situated close to the eclectic Broadway Market and the enticing Cambridge Heath with its renovated railway arches, eats and quirky shops is Containerville which houses the best haircut in London. But don’t go looking – Troise & Sons work by appointment only.

Neapolitan Davide Troise’s background represents the finest Neopolitan traditions of gentlemen’s styling with his family serving generations of Italians with its bespoke tailoring company. Davide trained in barbering, building an international reputation of excellence in Milan, London, Malmo and Melbourne before setting up in Containerville.

The salon provides a traditional and bespoke range of cutting-edge barbering services with a discrete fusion of creativity, attention to detail and commitment to service. Troise & Sons is justifiably proud of its wide and varied client base that includes City professionals, creatives and businessmen whose feedback endorses the salon’s reputation as understated, but outstanding gentlemen’s stylists. This small-is-beautiful approach to business is the hallmark of the salon. With only three seats in the container, Davide regularly invites a select group of like-minded barbers to collaborate and deliver his expectations of excellence. The salon’s success is measured in longevity of patronage and the many friendships that have developed.

So whether you want to shoot from the hipster, prepare for an interview or event, or are looking for an expert stylist to create a lasting impression with your hair, please click here to book an appointment. You may have to wait to be part of the salon’s select group of clients. But that is the very reason why you would consider the ultimate barbering experience that is Troise & Sons, modestly situated in a renovated shipping container in a quiet turning near Cambridge Heath Station.